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Are You Facing Car Key Issues in London?

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Our Key Replacement Solutions Offer:

  • Timely service round the clock. We work 24/7.
  • We are responsible for the quality and final result. That is why a 90-day warranty for all our key replacement and programming services is provided
  • Local professional assistance of our locksmiths in London. Any areas, any location, at any time
  • Almost unlimited competence area. We serve cars of all the automotive brands
  • The widest range of available options like key duplicate, reprogramming, or fob synchronization
  • The competent price tags in comparison with similar local companies and dealerships

Are you interested in our key replacement services? Feel free to call us at 020 3868 6867!

24/7 assistance of local locksmiths who come to the site WITHIN 20 MINUTES!

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Why Choose Our Key Replacement Services?

How Can I Get a New Car Key?

It is worth noting that you have no need to contact your dealership or provide our locksmiths with the original key to get a new one. You can count on an exceptionally simple algorithm of actions even if your original fob or key set is lost or stolen:

  1. Call us 24/7, our dedicated team is available at 020 3868 6867!
  2. Specify the address and the kind of challenge that can be solved via quality key replacement services.
  3. Our local locksmiths will come to the site and detect the issue to solve it.
  4. Our professionals will fabricate a key at your request for the automobile of any model (Mini Cooper, BMW, Audi, Mazda, etc.).
  5. You can ask us to cut a simple door key or program a modern hand-free fob or one with remote access to the auto.
  6. It takes about several hours to cope with any car key replacement task. You will get a new key or fob as soon as possible. 

Emergency Car Key Fob Replacement Is Possible

If you need a time-consuming order to restore access to your automobile, ask our locksmiths about emergency aid. Both scheduled and time-urgent tasks are solved:

  • By fully-trained specialists with DBS certifications and tests completed;
  • With the help of professional tools and equipment for key replacement;
  • Locally but with no limits to London areas and regions – we serve the whole city;
  • More cost-effectively than the dealership and our competitors.

Our Car Key Replacement Services

Every challenge can be solved with our local locksmiths when it comes to broken, stolen, or lost car keys. Just contact us and find the best-matching option for your case. Our dedicated team provides clients from London with:

  • laser cut keys;
  • car key fob programming;
  • cutting door keys;
  • transponder key designing and programming;
  • remote key and hands-free fob fabrication;
  • making any duplicates and original key copies.

We are responsible for the final result, so our experts take into account the type of car keys the customer needs. Starting with the glove box and finishing with transponder ones (including the trunk, lock transmitters, etc.). Any diagnostics of our auto-locksmith service center are available before the provision of quality car key replacement.

Additionally, we do not limit our clients to models of automobiles, location background, and other aspects. Our key replacement services are compatible with almost any automotive brand. We serve cars released years ago and just not long ago.

Only affordable prices, only high-quality services, and just new keys and fobs with the same functionality are guaranteed. One more reason to cooperate with us is a 90-day warranty for all the services ordered. 

Find out more about available options for drivers and car owners in the context of key programming and car key fob replacement. Or you can always call us at 020 3868 6867 for more details and up-to-date information.

Car Key Replacement

There are many reasons why your keys or key fob requires replacement. One of the most widespread is its wear and tear. You can mention some issues while starting your engine on/off. Additionally, car key replacement in London can come in handy if the owner of BMW, Mercedes, Mazda, Opel, or Mini Cooper automobiles:

  • Lost original keys;
  • Damaged keys or their key fobs;
  • Faced possible carjacking while their original key set was stolen.

We undertake to replace any type of car keys. We are a mobile professional team of local locksmiths that makes a specialty out of making copies of transponders, trunks, glove boxes, and other types of key sets for automobiles of any model. Programming and synchronization options are also included to complete the procedure of car key fob replacement hassle and risk-free.

Programming & Synchronization

All the transponder keys require synchronization and fob programming to function well. Our team is ready to provide you with such a timely aid even if some issues with your original key fob take place. Sometimes, it is possible to eliminate bugs with the help of reprogramming and synchronizing the fob with the car one more time.

It is worth noting that stolen and lost car keys can be replaced without visiting your dealership. A new transponder key or remote fob is programmed and synchronized with your automobile. Everything comes faster and stress-free for you. Just call us, wait for locksmiths, delegate your headaches to our professionals, and restore access to your car!

Broken Car Key Replacement

Warped or bent car keys can hardly be used for opening, closing, and even starting the auto. It is better to replace broken keys even if they are partly damaged. Especially when it comes to transponder keys with the microchip inside. This chip can be damaged as well while the key is broken. That is why you risk staying locked in your car or losing control over your ignition system at the moment.

Our hot-topic recommendations are to replace a damaged key or fob and make a spare set to have an alternative way to lock and unlock your car together with starting it on and off. The duplicate is possible in any variants if you entrust this task to our competent local locksmiths.

Duplicates & Spare Keys

Our locksmiths nearby are here to make spare keys for your cars. It is very convenient to have a duplicate and skip sharing the original key with other family members. Additionally, this is your alternative way to restore access to your automobile if the main key set is damaged, stolen, or lost. Note that we can make just a metal door key that only locks and unlocks the auto with no access to its ignition system.

We use the latest techniques for making simple keys (laser cutting) and transponder key replacement services. Save our contacts or call just now if you require a duplicate right here and now!

Car Key Replacement in London

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