All the Types of Car Keys to Take into Account

Do you know that there are 7 common types of car keys to take into consideration? It is worth noting that other interesting models can take place. But we are going to take a closer look at the most widespread ones each driver should know.

Our team of competent local locksmiths in London makes a specialty out of Ford chip key replacement, BMW, Mercedes duplicate key set making, cutting metal keys for any auto model, Vauxhall key programming, and other services concerning car keys and fobs. That is why it is reasonable to share our knowledge about various types of car keys existing today.

3 Common Types of Car Keys Everyone Should Know and Distinguish Between 

The history of the car key started with the simple metal sample that was used to open the doors of the automobile, its trunk and glove box compartments. Now, drivers are able to select between modern models like smart keys and fobs with remote control and other helpful features. The competent locksmith can make a duplicate of the original key set within several hours to allow owners of the vehicle double changes to access their auto.

Our company provides various services in the context of this direction. You can ask our local specialists in London to perform quality BMW key replacement, reprogramming of the existing transponder key with the microchip, synchronization of the car with the original key set, and many more.

Our locksmiths serve almost any vehicle and their model lines for your convenience. That is why high-level but affordable services are available for owners of various automobiles including:

  • BMW;
  • Audi;
  • Mazda;
  • Lexus;
  • Mercedes;
  • Mini Cooper;
  • Vauxhall, etc.

Just contact us to order key replacement and programming together cutting of simple metal door keys and ones for your trunks and glove boxes. Besides timely services including emergency ones at your request to avoid carjacking issues, we are ready to provide recommendations and assist in any accidents concerning lost, damaged, or stolen car keys. And now, letโ€™s review different types of key variants for automobiles. You will explore the three commonly-known types with us.

1 โ€“ Mechanical Keys

This is the traditional version of the car key to take into account. It is made of metal through cutting manipulations. The mechanical key does not contain any security encoding. That is why the key set of a similar shape can start on/off your engine. The main advantage is the low price of copies to make for your purpose.

But the weak spot of lacking security for owners of automobiles takes place. If you are afraid of carjacking and often park your car in insecure places, it is better to choose safer variants instead of mechanically-cut ones.

2 โ€“ Remote Keys

Distance locking and unlocking your car is a great thing. When you hurry up and would like to speed up the process, remote keys are your best friends. There is no magic โ€“ just a special-purpose security device that uses an infrared signal to send an encoded message. The radio transmitter also can be used for this purpose. Usually, drivers get specific key fobs with remote control options from their locksmiths.

This way you have an opportunity to lock or unlock your vehicle while being out of it at a small distance to send a signal. Some car owners adore the absence of any physical contacts for getting access to their auto. Nevertheless, to start your transportation unit you need to put the key into the ignition.

3 โ€“ Transponder Keys

Now, this is one of the most popular types of car keys. The idea is that the transponder key set obtains a special microchip inside the case. This chip is responsible for all the signals sent to the engine through your ignition system. The metal part of this key is suitable for locking and unlocking your trunk, doors, and glove box.

But synchronization issues can take place. Sometimes transponder keys cannot start your vehicle. It means that the microchip does not respond. The sensor can be damaged and perform failed activation sessions. In this case, you need to ask locksmiths for help. Additionally, you can contact your dealership, but terms and costs will be far from affordable.

That is why it is reasonable to opt for local locksmiths who provide Toyota, Hyundai, and Toyota smart key programming and replacement. For comparison, official dealerships will charge about $300 for this option. At the same time, locksmiths will take about $50-$100 for their fast work (your issue will be solved the same day).

Other Types of Car Keys to Take into Consideration

Besides transponder, mechanical, and smart keys, there are other types for drivers to know. For example, this is the flip-style remote model. This is some kind of switchable key set. It contains the action button to activate these keys.

Additionally, there are master and valet keys. The first type is notable for its engine management properties. That is why it is not applicable for everyday use. This is more about an emergency variant for your vehicle specialists to apply to restore access at the moment and solve some issues on the go. Valet car keys have limited options for drivers. The glove box and trunk compartments are not likely to be unlocked with the help of this type.

To sum up, it is better to have several duplicates of your original key set. The most secure model is a transponder key. The second place is given to the smart and remote key or key fob. Remember that the car key is about your safety and zero risks of possible carjacking. That is why do not be limited to the outdated mechanical type only.


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