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Hyundai Key Replacement

Dial 020 3868 6867 if you need high-quality Hyundai key replacement locally!

Our locksmiths work throughout London 24/7. We know everything about Hyundai cars, their keys, ignition systems, and other tech peculiarities of the models of this popular automotive brand. Just save our contacts and dial at any time you need immediate key replacement services or just cutting a spare key for your automobile.

There are many situations when our locksmithsโ€™ assistance will come in handy. For example, you can need a duplicate of your key fob to share the car with other family members. Additionally, the original key set can be lost, damaged, or even stolen. That is why a new one is required to restore access to your Hyundai auto as soon as possible.

Feel free to call us 24/7. We are a trusted team of professionals in London. We serve Hyundai automobiles of any release year. It means that our reliable local locksmiths can replace both standard ignition keys and modern fobs with remote control options.

You will be pleased with our pricing as well. Besides the highest quality and fast speed of Hyundai car key replacement, our clients can count on reasonable costs and guarantees. A 90-day warranty is given to each of our customers after one of the available services is provided. Price tags are exceptionally competitive and far from too expensive for Londoners.

Ask our experts to make a Hyundai spare key or replace the damaged or lost one. Just specify the location of your car, and our locksmiths will arrive 15 minutes after your call. We make a specialty out of programming, reprogramming, and synchronization services too. So, if you need to set your Hyundai key fob or fix any ignition shut-off or shut-on issues related to electronics, our dedicated team is at your command as well!

High-Level Hyundai Car Key Replacement

If you are searching for competent specialists for local Hyundai key replacement, opt for our qualitative services in London. We are a team of reliable experts in this niche whom you can contact 24/7 to solve the issue of any complexity. In comparison with the official Hyundai dealership, our company will react immediately to your call.

You have no reason to wait for weeks to cope with the lost access to your auto because of lost, damaged, or stolen keys or a key fob. Everything will be solved in several hours. As most Hyundai automobiles hit the market with transponder keys, the main area of our specialization is the replacement of this key type. Nevertheless, we can replace the conventional key set with the smart remote-head one or even a digital version that is managed through the application.

Just contact us to find out more about our Hyundai car key replacement services. We are glad to answer all your questions and choose the best-matching solution for your very case. Do not be afraid of carjacking if your original Hyundai keys are lost or stolen.ย 

Our locksmiths will block the immobilizer to prevent the engine from starting with the help of the ex-key. You will restore access to your Hyundai Tucson, Santa Fe, or another auto with the help of a new transponder key with the microchip. The only thing is required to reprogram your car to accept the new key set and let it start hassle-free.

ย It is worth noting that our dedicated team of locksmiths serves almost any Hyundai model. Just find your car on the list and order the high-level services you need at the moment. We provide qualitative Hyundai key fob replacement, reprogramming, and synchronization options for all the series at the most affordable price!

Hyundai Car Key Replacement Compatibility

Speaking about available services in our company for owners of such a popular automotive brand as Hyundai, they are:

  • Hyundai i20 key replacement;
    Hyundai i30 key replacement;
  • Hyundai i10 key replacement;
  • Hyundai ix35 key replacement;
  • Hyundai Tucson key replacement;
  • Hyundai Santa Fe key fob replacement;
  • Hyundai KONA key fob replacement;
  • Hyundai IONIQ key fob replacement.


Note that reprogramming, simple key cutting, and synchronization options are available for these models. Our locksmiths are ready to replace the damaged, lost, or stolen key and make a Hyundai spare key for other models and series. For example, we serve i40 and i800 as well. Additionally, the high-quality services of our locksmiths can be helpful for owners of Hyundai i30 Fastback and Hyundai iX20.ย 

Our Hyundai Car Key Replacement Services to Take into Account

The range of our services for owners of the Hyundai cars is almost unlimited. You can order the programming of a new fob or ask our specialists about a duplicate of existing keys. It is worth noting that Hyundai spare key sets can be cut if we speak about simple ignition ones or fabricated individually for your automobile with further reprogramming procedures.

Letโ€™s dive into all possible options to count on. Let us recall that all the services come with a 90-day warranty. It means that Hyundai Tucson key replacement, Hyundai i10 key fob replacement, and any other required services are only of the highest quality we are responsible for.

Hyundai Spare Key & Duplicate

Sometimes the duplicate is the only way to open the Hyundai car when the original key is broken, lost, or stolen. This way the spare keys are your alternative when something goes wrong with the existing key or fob. Additionally, we recommend making a duplicate if you have a big family with many people willing to drive your Hyundai car.

For example, your wife got a driving license and would like to go shopping on board your auto at weekend. Or your adult son or daughter is looking forward to driving your automobile from time to time. Additionally, you can have a chauffeur or a guardian. It will be convenient to make spare keys and share them with all people you are ready to provide your Hyundai.ย 

Hyundai Key Replacement Services

It does not matter if you need to cut a simple ignition key or make a new transponder with the reprogramming option in default. Our company is ready to provide almost any required service that relates to Hyundai key replacement. Most automobiles of this brand hit the market with the transponder keys. It means that the most popular service our locksmiths provide is making a new key fob with synchronization of the microchip with the Hyundai car.

It goes without saying that owners of post-1995 released autos can upgrade their transponder to the smart one with the remote control of the ignition system. Additionally, there are special-purpose applications for digital fobs to take into consideration.

Hyundai key replacement for older autos (released earlier than in 1995) requires even fewer efforts of our specialists and your time. We can just cut a new ignition key for you. Additionally, our customers can order supplementary key sets of new designs and increased functionality. This way you will obtain an original key and a fob with smart solutions for remote door locking and unlocking (together with the option of ignition system shut off/on remotely).

Order our qualitative service for any Hyundai model. Only fast and result-driven performance is guaranteed. Ask our locksmiths to undertake:

  • Hyundai Tucson key replacement;
  • Hyundai i20 key fob replacement;
  • Hyundai ix35 key fob replacement;
  • Hyundai i10 key fob replacement;
  • Key replacement services for other Hyundai series.


Feel free to contact us and ask about other supplementary options. Note that we recommend replacing bent and twisted ignition keys to avoid their total damage and losing access to the Hyundai automobile suddenly. Additionally, the partly broken key can jam inside your ignition lock! Be responsible for your safety and comfort right now. Order our certified Hyundai key replacement at reasonable costs.

Hyundai Key Programming & Synchronization

One of the most important stages of the Hyundai key replacement is to program the car while synchronizing it with the new microchip in the transponder key. Our specialist will undertake this procedure fast and hassle-free for you. You can count on safe and almost immediate Hyundai Tucson, Santa Fe, KONA, and Hyundai i20 key programming provided by our skillful locksmiths.

It is worth noting that synchronization services are required for new fobs as well. We can reprogram your car so that it can accept a new one without problems. During Hyundai key fob replacement, our locksmiths undertake a fast synchronization procedure to unlock/lock the vehicle and bypass the immobilizer. Additionally, the new microchip on the transponder key will be coded to the Hyundai ECU while allowing your auto to start.

Hyundai Car Key Replacement: Why Particularly Us?

We provide exceptionally qualitative Hyundai key replacement services with a 90-day guarantee to everyone in London. Our dedicated team is your trusted assistant when it comes to any issues with keys, fobs, and access to your automobile. We will help you to make a spare key set, replace the twisted, bent, or fully broken keys, and synchronize your new fob with your car. Order our Hyundai car key replacement to stay pleased with everything at once:

  • We guarantee fast performance โ€“ give our locksmiths just 0,5-3 hours.
  • Our quality is 100% satisfactory for our clients.
  • Our prices are competitive and affordable for all the customers.


Do not waste your time if you face issues that can be solved with Hyundai car key replacement in London. Call us at 020 3868 6867 round the clock (24/7) and just describe your problem. Give 15-20 minutes for our locksmiths to come! We provide emergency Hyundai key replacement and programming services as well.

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