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Ford Car Key Replacement

Save our contacts or call right now if you need qualitative locksmith services locally. Dial 020 3868 6867, and our specialists will come within 15-20 minutes to the specified place in London!

Any issues with car keys can take place almost everywhere and at any time. That is why feel free to order our Ford car key replacement services that are available 24/7.

We guarantee only affordable prices and the best quality of work. It is possible to ask our experts to handle both emergency Ford chip key replacement and simple duplicate fabrication far from time-urgency. Note that the range of our services is almost unlimited for you. If you have a Ford auto, you can opt for our timely help concerning spare keys, reprogramming, fob resynchronization, and many more.

We are a dedicated team of professional locksmiths who are ready to do away with any issue in several hours after arrival! Nothing is impossible with our competence and experience. We are your reliable local assistants in London when it comes to lost, broken, or stolen car keys. Besides fast terms for the task completion, we have a 90-day warranty for all our Ford car key replacement services.

No hassles but immediate results you require for your safety and constant access to your automobile! We serve all the Ford car models. Check all the available options we can provide for you. With us, you can be sure that Ford key fob replacement, key cutting, reprogramming, and other services will be offered at the highest level and most competent prices.

High-Quality Ford Car Key Replacement in London

The range of our locksmithsโ€™ services is not limited only to Ford key cutting or fabrication of the duplicate. We can solve more complicated challenges when your car keys are stolen or lost. That is why if you want to lock the ignition system till a new key set is not ready, contact our specialists as well. We can program a new fob and undertake other safety procedures to restore access to your Ford automobile as soon as possible with no risk of carjacking.

In What Situations Should You Call Our Locksmiths?

There are various situations when contacting locksmiths is the only correct decision:

  • You lost your Ford keys. You are afraid of carjacking and cannot leave the automobile at the moment.
  • Your Ford keys or fob are damaged. You need to replace broken ones with the new set to restore access to your auto. Locksmiths are required to undertake qualitative Ford key cutting and fob replacement services.
  • Someone has stolen your Ford keys or fob. You have no time to contact your dealership but need to solve the issue right now to prevent carjacking and other thefts.
  • Your wife, husband, adult children, or other relatives would like to drive your Ford Fiesta, Fusion, Galaxy, or other car models together with you. Not to be dependent on key sharing, you need a duplicate for your freedom.
  • You would like to replace existing Ford keys with a newer model for your convenience. It is possible to do this with the help of professional locksmiths. Some reprogramming and resynchronization services can come in handy for Ford key fob replacement.


You can have another case when high-grade locksmith services are required. Nevertheless, our experts can help you 24/7 and will provide all the customers with the best-matching solution for your situation concerning Ford car key replacement.

What Is Ford Key Fob Replacement?

This is the range of services required to replace existing damaged, lost, or stolen key fobs of the Ford automobile with the new one. The locksmiths can use key cutting techniques, reprogramming, resynchronization, and other approaches to achieve the desired result. It is necessary to be sure that the newly-made Ford key fob should guarantee hassle-free access to the auto 24/7.

That is why Ford car key replacement requires enough skills and knowledge from the specialists who are going to undertake all the routine tasks to replace the old set. Additionally, it is necessary to pay attention to the compatibility of this local and sometimes emergency service with the automobile models. Our dedicated team guarantees absolute compatibility with all the Ford car series.

Ford Key Fob Replacement Compatibility

Our locksmiths make a specialty out of Ford chip key replacement, duplicate fabrication, and fob programming when it comes almost to any model of this car brand. It means that you can count on exceptionally compatible service namely with your model series. Check the compatibility of our available Ford car key replacement options and find your auto in the list:

  • Max series (Ford B-Max, Ford C-Max, Ford S-Max);
  • Transit series (Ford Connect, Ford Custom, Ford Transit Van);
  • Sport series (Ford Ecosport, Mustang, Puma, etc.).


Among other popular Ford models we serve are favorite ones of most British drivers like Ford Cougar, Escort, Fiesta, Galaxy, Kuga, etc. Do not worry if you did not find your automobile on the list. Besides one of the most on-demand Ford Fiesta key replacement services, we provide the same options to owners of Ford Fusion, Focus, Ka, etc.

Our Ford Car Key Replacement Services to Take into Account

As can be seen, we do not limit our clients to Ford chip key replacement only. Additionally, each driver can count on reprogramming, fob synchronization services, and fabrication of spare key sets if necessary. We know everything about various types of Ford key fobs. That is why different cases require individual approaches to solve these or those issues.

For example, some clients will stay pleased with the simple Ford key cutting option provided timely. Because they are interested in manual door opening only. Another category of customers will need more new-gen solutions while the locksmith equips a new set with remote heads, reprograms transponder chips, sets the push-to-start, etc.

That is why the standard Ford Fiesta key replacement service can vary from the one for Mustang owners with the resynchronization of remote-head keys. But you can be sure that our locksmiths will pay attention to all the details and offer the most optimal solution for your situation. Take a closer look at the whole list of Ford car key replacement services we provide.

Lost & Broken Ford Chip Key Replacement

It is possible to damage your Ford transponder chip key of a fob with a push-to-start option at any time. Something can go wrong if you drop one in water or just break into parts while thrown down. We can try to fix the damaged Ford Fiesta key fob and other FOB devices of this car brand. But in most cases lost and broken ford chip keys are replaced with new ones.

Remote-head keys and transponder chip key sets for your Ford auto will be ready several hours after our locksmith’s arrival. The same story is about the key fob for this automotive brand. It is possible to fix some issues. But in general, it is better to order Ford Mustang, Ford Focus, or Ford Fiesta key fob replacement. A new version can contain more helpful options like remote unlocking and locking your ignition system.

Note that besides the most popular Ford Fiesta key replacement service, our locksmiths serve other autos of this renowned brand. Just contact us to replace your lost or broken key fob or order simple key cutting for manual opening and closing the automobile.ย 


Duplicate Ford Keys

The spare key set is essential if you have a big family, so there are other willing drivers to use your automobile. Make a duplicate for your wife, for adult children, and for other relatives not to depend on other people and their schedules. For example, you can order an additional Ford Fiesta key fob as well.

Note that we can make both a transponder chip and non-transponder car keys for your automobile. The duplicate can be also of the remote-head type. It is worth mentioning that Ford chip key replacement takes the same time as the fabrication of spare ones. Additionally, you can ask our locksmiths about both services at once (e.g. a new Ford Fiesta key fob + 1 or several duplicates for your convenience).

More Ford Car Key Replacement Solutions

If your case differs from the standard Ford Fiesta key replacement many drivers ask our team, feel free to contact us. We have many alternative solutions for our clients. Together with Ford chip key replacement, we provide reprogramming and resynchronization of the key fobs. Our locksmiths can fix some issues when some option does not work (push to start, remote control, etc.).

Dial us to find out more about available Ford car key replacement services. You can count on a professional approach to your case, timely work performance, and the highest quality for a reasonable cost.ย 

More Ford Car Key Replacement Solutions

We are a trusted assistant when it comes to Ford chip key replacement, fabrication of the spare fob, and other similar solutions for your auto. Our experienced locksmiths work throughout London and can provide emergency service if your keys are lost or stolen. The time-urgent Ford chip key replacement can be also required if you lost one and cannot open your auto at the moment.

We guarantee that our dedicated team of experts will come to the specified place within 15 minutes. The required service will be provided in 1-3 hours. It depends on the complexity of the task. For example, Ford Fiesta key replacement can take up to 1-2 hours only. Additionally, our local locksmiths provide a 90-day warranty together with guaranteed competitive pricing for all the services.

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