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Volkswagen (VW) Key Replacement

Call us at 020 3868 6867 if you are interested in an emergency or just timely VW key replacement!

We are ready to provide high-quality services for all Volkswagen cars. Our dedicated team consists of competent and experienced local locksmiths who specialize in guaranteed VW key fob replacement, making the door, tank, and glove box keys, programming, and other niche tasks for your vehicle.

Just save our contacts in advance to be sure that any issues concerning lost access to your automobile will be solved by our specialists timely. We guarantee that local locksmiths will come to any location in London within 15-20 minutes after your call. They will undertake comprehensive diagnostics and inform you about possible VW key replacement solutions for your case.

It is worth noting that our locksmiths provide a 90-day guarantee for the full range of available services. Additionally, we work 24/7 for your comfort and safety. It means any time-urgent tasks and suddenly lost access to your vehicle can be solved with our round-the-clock VW car key replacement services.

You can count on our fast performance of all the tasks – keys and fobs will be replaced within one calendar day. The most accessible VW car key replacement like cutting metal keys without transponder chip programming will take about one hour with diagnostics. Plus, our experts make duplicates for you to share spare keys with your relatives with no risk of loss or breakage when it comes to your original key set.

Contact us and ask questions to find out more about all our available Volkswagen car key replacement services. We keep track of novelties and trends in the automotive market. That is why our VW key cutting and programming is accessible even for the latest Volkswagen models and releases together with on-demand options of a remote key fob or smart keys replacement, etc.

VW Key Replacement Compatibility

As can be seen, our Volkswagen car key replacement services are compatible with all the models of the VW lineup. The list of automobiles we serve is:

  • Volkswagen Jetta and Jetta GLI;
  • Volkswagen Arteon;
  • Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport;
  • Volkswagen Taos;
  • Volkswagen Tiguan;
  • Volkswagen Golf R and Golf GTI;
  • Volkswagen ID.4 and ID. Buzz;


Older Volkswagen models (including VW Polo, Golf, Beetle, Volkswagen Classic, etc.).
If you cannot find your car in the list of models compilable with our Volkswagen key programming and replacement services, contact us and get all the information about possible options individually for your vehicle. We are ready to help you to restore access to your auto through guaranteed and safe VW options to replace damaged, lost, or stolen keys and key fobs.

Our Volkswagen Key Replacement Services to Take into Account

Opt for our VW key replacement services at a competitive price. Our costs are affordable for all Londoners. We do not limit our clients to available Volkswagen key for replacement and programming options. Each customer can count on the individual approach to their orders. Let’s take a closer look at all the services we provide locally in London in the context of replacing lost, broken keys or making VW spare key sets.

VW Spare Key & Duplicate

One of our popular services for Volkswagen cars is making spare key sets for the convenience of owners and drivers. You should not share your original key fob or keys with your friends, relatives, or other people. Make a duplicate and use a VW automobile together with someone else with no risk of loss of the transponder key you got in the official dealership.

It is worth noting that spare keys are the way to avoid carjacking and suddenly losing access to your car. When you have an alternative way to lock/unlock your auto and start off or on your ignition system, it is more likely that your Volkswagen can be parked in any other safe place till the original key is replaced by our locksmiths.


VW Car Key Replacement

We provide a wide range of VW key replacement services in London. Among them are making Volkswagen keys and fobs of any type. Our local locksmiths can replace transponder key sets with the microchip inside. The procedure takes about several hours – the unique VIN code is used for this purpose. A new key set of key fobs will be able to start on/off your engine besides just opening and closing the car door.

The same story is about other available options like making simple metal keys for any VW model to lock and unlock your doors, glove box compartments, and trunks. Note that VW key replacement of transponder type requires programming and synchronization arrangements. Our qualified locksmiths can do everything fast and risk-free for you.

Among the most on-demand Volkswagen key replacement services available in our company are:

  • VW Golf key replacement;
  • VW Polo key replacement;
  • VW Jetta and Tiguan key replacement, etc.


Any lost VW key will be replaced fast and qualitatively to exclude the risk of carjacking and other unpleasant surprises. You can count on solving other issues through programming and resynchronization options. Remember that our locksmiths are the best alternative to the long-term dealership’s services where a new Volkswagen key might be delivered in a week or even 14 calendar days.

VW Key Programming

Any transponder Volkswagen key or VW key fob should be programmed to serve well after all the replacement routines done. Our locksmiths will undertake all the procedures carefully and fast to restore access to your automobile. Additionally, we can solve some issues concerning the synchronization of your VW key fob with the auto. Sometimes, Volkswagen programming is not required if some small failure of electronics takes place.

Order quality VW key cutting and programming in our company and be sure that your new key set or Volkswagen key fob is going to perform well. We know all the peculiarities of ignition systems in the context of any model of this lineup. You get guaranteed VW car key replacement service almost immediately without the bureaucracy you risk facing with the official dealership.

VW Key Replacement & Programming – Why Particularly Us?

We are your local locksmiths with trusted services and zero deadline failure. Our team works round the clock so that you can opt for reliable 24/7 VW key replacement and programming options in London. We serve the most popular Volkswagen cars together with new and older models. Our experts can undertake the following services for you:

  • VW Polo key replacement;
  • VW Golf key replacement;
  • VW key fob replacement and programming services for other automobiles.

Why particularly us? First, we do everything fast and risk-free. Our local locksmiths will come to the site within 15 minutes after the client’s call and will perform VW key cutting and programming within one calendar day. Secondly, we provide the best price-quality ratio. Our competitive costs for Volkswagen key replacement and programming services will satisfy all Londoners.

Additionally, we are for safe cooperation. Our customers get a 90-day guarantee for each VW car key replacement option available in our company. Finally, our service range is almost unlimited together with making spare keys, smart fobs, and any other duplicates. Dial 020 3868 6867 or just save our contacts to call in emergency situations and restore access to your automobile.

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