Audi car key replacement

Audi Key Replacement

Dial 020 3868 6867 to order high-quality and timely Audi key replacement. Opt for emergency service โ€“ the locksmith will come to the specified location within 15 minutes!

If you have an Audi car, you might face a common challenge of a broken, lost, or stolen key. Do not worry! We are at your command โ€“ a local dedicated team of locksmiths is ready to help you with any task. A range of Audi car key replacement services includes the opening of the closed auto, manufacturing of the original key made on the spot, provision of the spare key set, reprogramming, and many more.

Contact us in different situations:

  • If your wife or children got driving licenses and would like to get a spare key.
  • If you lost your key and cannot get access to your transportation unit.
  • If your key is broken and you cannot get into the Audi car.
  • If you would like to reprogram your transponder key or undertake resynchronization of the existing key set.


Did you find your case on the list? Just call us 24/7 and order the Audi key replacement service of your interest. We are a team of skilled locksmiths who can perform a damage-free car opening and immediate reprogramming of broken or lost keys via the unique VIN code to unlock the ignition system and make a new set for the owner.

It does not matter if you need a duplicate or an emergency breach of the door. Our experts will come to any Chicago location specified by the client and cope with the task within 1-2 hours. Even the most complicated missions concerning Audi car key replacement services are available with our locksmiths at affordable prices.

High-Quality Audi Replacement Key Service

The range of our premium highly professional Audi key replacement services at exceptionally competitive rates are quite wide. Additionally, you can count on a 90-day guarantee for any of our available options! Just entrust us with your Audi emergency key replacement or ask our specialists about:

  • A spare key / a duplicate;
  • Reprogramming / resynchronization services;
  • Fabrication of any type of car key (transponder, glove box, trunk, etc.).


Audi is one of the most popular automobiles in the world. That is why some challenging situations with lost, broken, or stolen car keys can take place very often. Audi drivers can count on our key replacement services including damage-free door opening and reprogramming or resynchronization through the unique VIN code of your transportation unit.

What Is Audi Key Replacement?

This is an exceptional service provided to owners of Audi automobiles by competent locksmiths. You have no need to visit your dealership and wait too long for a new set of lost or broken keys. Our experienced specialists will do everything required fast and damage-free. Opt for the guaranteed service at an affordable cost! It is worth noting that our dedicated team of local locksmiths serves almost the whole Audi lineup. It means that the high-quality Audi replacement key service is available for owners of sedans, wagons, hatchbacks, SUVs, and sports cars of this brand.

Audi Car Key Replacement Compatibility

Speaking about the Audie series our locksmiths serve, here is a list of the most popular ones among present-day customers:

  • Audi A3;
  • Audi A4;
  • Audi A5;
  • Audi A6;
  • Audi A7;
  • Audi A8;
  • Audi Q3;
  • Audi Q5;
  • Audi Q7;
  • Audi Q8.


It is worth noting that you should not be limited to the listed models. Contact our locksmiths to find out more about our Audi car key replacement compatibility. Be sure that our experts serve almost all the automobiles of this well-known brand.

Our Audi Replacement Key Service Range to Take into Account

We work in unstoppable 24/7 mode! Contact our dedicated team round the clock! We are ready to provide both Audi emergency key replacement solutions and urgent or rush-free fabrication of spare keys. Get a high-quality duplicate in any required number for the comfort of your family and the safety of your transportation unit.

Even in case of lost keys, our experts will use the modern reprogramming technique. The carjacker and any other person will fail while opening the door of your automobile. Besides resynchronization options, our clients can ask us about the fast and reliable fabrication of spare transponder, trunk, and glove box keys for your Audi car.

Lost & Broken Audi Key Replacement

Speaking about broken keys, it is easy to restore them with our locksmiths. They know everything about the required processes for your Audi. Access to your automobile will be hassle-free in several hours. Just call our specialists and describe your case in detail. Additionally, you can order the Audi key replacement service together with spare keys for your branded sedan, SUV, wagon, or hatchback. If you lost your key, it is better to dial our locksmiths ASAP. It is critically important to block your ignition system and lock the car to avoid any carjackersโ€™ crimes. Then, the locksmith of our company will reprogram a new set of keys via your unique VIN code to unlock the ignition system and provide you access to the transportation unit.

Duplicate Audi Keys

Several car keys are a great idea for a big family. Both your wife or husband and kids with driving licenses can use your transportation units with no problems. You will have no need to transmit original keys from hand to hand and waste your time. Additionally, you can avoid Audi emergency key replacement if you have several keys at once.

More Audi Key Replacement Solutions

Feel free to ask us about other Audi key replacement solutions. For example, our locksmiths can help you with resynchronization issues. Many Audi car owners face the challenge with the CAS (immobilizer) units. This way any problems can be eliminated by our professionals.

Reprogramming and resynchronization can take some time. Be ready to wait for 1-2 hours. Then, you will stay pleased with the final result. Our locksmiths are glad to present a 90-day guarantee to customers with any cases related to Audi key replacement services. We are 100% trusted performers for any of your tasks!

Other Available Solutions

Tips to Prevent Carjacking If You Are an Audi Driver

To avoid Audi emergency key replacement, take a closer look at several tips for drivers:

  1. While getting into your auto, keep the keys in hand. Stay alert when you are out of the car. Do not leave your keys in the automobile even for a second.
  2. Lock the door if you leave your transportation unit even for some time. Stop only in public places at night like gas stations.
  3. Keep your windows rolled up when you leave your auto.
  4. Do not leave your cell phone inside the car. This is your chance to call the police every time you need. Even when some stranger asks you to help, it is better to call 911 first.

Itโ€™s a pity if you have already lost your keys. Carjacking is risky for you at the moment. Call us and order our Audi key replacement with reprogramming and other required procedures for your safety and convenience.

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