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BMW Key Replacement

Call us at 020 3868 6867 anytime, our locksmith will arrive within 15 minutes!

Order a damage-free BMW car opening, key made on the spot, and other emergency key replacement services in our company! Dial 24/7, and our specialist will arrive in 15-20 minutes at the specified location.

Do you need to open your BMW ASAP while the key is broken? Or maybe you lost your keys and are afraid of car thefts. Or you just require a duplicate for your wife or kids who got driving licenses.

Our dedicated team can do everything hassle-free and with no damage to your vehicle. Note that we also can exclude the risk of carjacking if you lost your BMW transponder keys. Our locksmith will undertake reprogramming almost immediately while using your VIN code and unlock the ignition system at the final stage.

We are an experienced team of local experts with exceptionally competitive rates. Dial and get BMW keys at your request (transponder keys, trunk keys, or glove box ones) within 1-2 hours after our locksmithโ€™s arrival. You can count on a 90-day guarantee when it comes to all our possible services!

BMW Key Replacement in London

Today the car is an essential part of your comfortable life. There are many models of automobiles to choose from. They vary in size, capacity, and other technical specifications. One of the most popular brands is BMW. These cars are notable for their convenience, stylish interior & exterior, speed, and safety background. It is not surprising that the number of BMW fans grows day by day. But even the most experienced drivers who care for their 4-wheel companions of the top German manufacturer can face different challenges. One of them has a broken or lost key. In this case, a special-purpose service is required to restore access to your car. BMW key replacement will come in handy for reprogramming or ordering spare keys.

What Is a BMW Key Replacement?

This is a specific service that allows owners of BMW cars to solve the problem with lost or broken keys. Additionally, this way you can order spare ones to use the automobile together with other family members. The duplicate (a new set of BMW keys made) will open and close the car easily as the protoplast (original) ones do.

One more reason to order the service of BMW car key replacement is programming and resynchronization. The competent experts will do everything fast and qualitatively to help you cope with the challenges concerning access to your automobile. Note that BMW key replacement requires narrow-direction skills in the context of installation, resynchronization, reprogramming immobilizer units, and fixing other tech components.

Where to Order BMW Car Key Replacement?

If you are a happy owner of a BMW automobile, any possible problems with your original keys (ones you get from the official dealer together with your newly bought car) can take place. Itโ€™s a common case like other tech issues with any transportation unit and its parts. That is why save contacts of the trusted company that makes a specialty out of high-grade safe BMW key replacement. Count on the comprehensive approach, step-by-step installations free from any risks for your vehicle and comfort, and guaranteed quality for new BMW keys made. A dedicated team of specialists will undertake fast and result-driven diagnostics to detect the problem. If the issue concerns broken or lost keys, a new set with a duplicate at the request will be provided as soon as possible. If you need BMW key programming, be sure that all the resynchronization and other electronic arrangements will be performed fast and safely for you and your car. Just contact our experts to order this service and other possible options. Check all the BMW key replacement solutions below.

BMW Key Replacement Solutions to Take into Account

Among all the possible services related to BMW key replacement are three main ones to take into consideration. You can order spare BMW keys and ones to replace lost or broken keys. It is worth noting that special key programming options are available as well. Consult our team of experts to get helpful recommendations and schedule the diagnostic date. You will stay absolutely satisfied with the quality, costs, and terms of our BMW car key replacement.

Lost & Broken BMW Car Key Replacement

There are different situations when owners of BMW convertibles, sedans, roadsters, and other series face lost or broken keys. It is difficult to restore access to the automobile if you do not have a duplicate. That is why our specialists usually recommend not only BMW key replacement but a set of spare keys. The main advantage of our service is the absence of any need to visit your dealership office. You do not require to wait too long till representatives of your local dealer provide you with feedback and BMW car key solutions of your interest. Just call us and ask about a new set of keys that will replace your broken or lost ones. You will be surprised with the terms we guarantee to our customers. BMW keys made will be ready within several hours. If you need a duplicate as a spare set for your vehicle and your family members, just inform our managers. It will take some more time. But be sure that our high-level and affordable BMW car key solutions will be provided extremely fast.

Duplicate BMW Keys

Spare BMW keys are a thing when it comes to a single transportation unit for the whole family. Especially if you, your wife, sister, or parents have driving licenses. There is no need to think about where to leave your keys in one copy. Just make a duplicate (one more set of BMW keys made) โ€“ be mobile and not limited to any consequences.

Production of spare keys is one more helpful BMW car key solutions to take into account. Just contact our managers to order this service. Even if your original keys are stolen, broken, or lost, you will always have a duplicate and guaranteed access to your BMW automobile.

More BMW Car Key Solutions

You can ask our specialist about resynchronization and reprogramming your BMW keys. We are qualified experts who make a specialty out of solving any problems with the CAS (immobilizer) units in the vehicles of the renowned German brand while providing high-quality BMW keys made. It is worth noting that this and our other BMW car key solutions are 100% reliable.

BMW Car Key Replacement Compatibility

Additionally, you can check the compatibility of our services with your automobile. Almost all the BMW vehicles are on our list. Do not forget to check the year of your car to be sure of its compatibility. Here is a list of series we serve in the context of qualified BMW key replacement service:

  • BMW 1;
  • BMW 3;
  • BMW 5;
  • BMW 6;
  • BMW X5;
  • BMW 7;
  • BMW X1;
  • BMW X6;
  • BMW X3;
  • BMW Z4.


No matter which exact BMW car model you own, you can count on us to help you when you need a key replacement service! If you did not find your car in the list compatible with our BMW key replacement service, please contact us anyway. Not all models can be specified in the bedroll.ย 

BMW Key Replacement - Our Guarantees

Our team is a leading one that specializes in professional BMW key replacement services. We use only certified and approved techniques to meet your requirements and expectations. We guarantee that you will stay pleased with the new BMW keys made finally.ย 

Additionally, all our clients are satisfied with the affordable pricing plans we provide them with. Order our exceptionally qualitative BMW car key replacement together with duplicates for your comfort!

Additional Services for Non-BMW Cars

We also offer the following solutions for various other types of cars:

And many more services for all cars makes and models. Whenever you need an automotive locksmith services in London, dial 020 3868 6867!

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