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KIA Car Key Replacement

Call us at 020 3868 6867 if you live in London and need quality KIA car key replacement!

We are a dedicated team of local locksmiths who can undertake any task timely and according to your budget. Our competitive range and unlimited area of competence will please even the most exacting customer.

We work throughout London 24/7. Feel free to contact us even in case of time-urgent cases! If your key or key fob from the KIA vehicle is broken, stolen, or lost, our locksmiths are here to help you. Our team provides local KIA key replacement services including:

  • Cutting metal door, trunk, and glove box keys;
  • Making transponder keys and key fobs for any KIA model;
  • Programming and synchronization for your key fobs;
  • Making spare keys and duplicates for your KIA automobiles.


It is worth noting that our qualified locksmiths serve all the KIA autos. We are at your command when it comes to professional services for your vehicles. Restore access fast and safely through our guaranteed assistance (each KIA key replacement option is covered with the 90-day guarantee from our company).

Save our contacts in advance even if you do not have such issues with your automobile. Additionally, our KIA car key replacement services are your best alternative to the dealershipโ€™s options. We will replace your key, program your fob, make a duplicate, or do anything else much faster than representatives of official dealers.

KIA Key Replacement Service Compatibility

As can be seen, our locksmiths make a specialty out of any KIA vehicle including older models and novelties on the automotive market. It means that all the automobiles of the concern owned by Hyundai can be served in our company. If you have one of the autos of this Korean brand, we are waiting for your orders.

Here is a list of cars that are compatible with our KIA key replacement services:

  • KIA Forte (including 5, FE, Koup);
  • KIA Cadenza;
  • KIA Niro (Electric, FE, Touring, etc.);
  • KIA Optima (including FE, Hybrid, S, etc.);
  • KIA Rio and KIA Eco;
  • KIA Sedona (including SX, SXL versions);
  • KIA K900;
  • KIA Soul;
  • KIA Seltos;
  • KIA Sorento;
  • Kia Sportage.


It is worth noting that our KIA car key replacement services are available not only for new models. Together with KIA Stinger, Telluride, Ceed, and other autos, we can serve such vehicles as KIA Forte Eco, Rondo, Sephia, Amanti, Borrego, and Spectra.

Nevertheless, there is a top list of the most popular KIA car key replacement services in our company. Among them are top-trend vehicles of this automotive brand, bestsellers, and the best-matching family automobile. Our locksmiths can undertake the following tasks concerning the KIA model:

  • KIA Rio key fob replacement;
  • KIA Soul key fob replacement;
  • KIA Sportage key fob replacement;
  • KIA Ceed key fob replacement;
  • KIA Picanto key replacement service, etc.


If you cannot find your car in the list of models we serve, it is better to contact us whenever and specify all the details to managers. It is more likely that our company provides all the required options for the vehicle you own. Take a closer look at a full range of KIA key fob replacement options. 

Our KIA Car Key Replacement Services to Take into Account

As can be seen, our KIA key replacement service range is far from limited. Our local locksmiths are ready to perform any task that will help you restore access to your automobile. The same story is about our available options that will bring more convenience to your everyday life in the context of driving. For example, our experts can make quality duplicates for you to share with other family members, friends, servicemen, or other people who can use your vehicle.

Letโ€™s take a closer look at each possible KIA key fob replacement service and other supplementary options. It will be easier to pick sides with ones you need for your safety, comfort, and other purposes. Remember that all the KIA key replacement services we provide can be a great alternative to dealershipsโ€™ options. Have a spare variant if you are not going to wait for a too-long response from your official dealer.

KIA Spare Keys & Duplicates to Take into Consideration

One of the most essential options for owners of automobiles is the provision of spare keys and fobs to share with near and dear ones. For example, you can give a duplicate of your original keys to your wife, adult children, relatives, friends, colleagues, or other people required. This is one of the most popular services in our company concerning KIA key fob replacement.

It is worth noting that we cut keys of various types including transponder ones that contain microchips inside the container of them or your fob. If a simple metal door, glove box, and trunk keys do not obtain a chip and donโ€™t need programming, transponder keys and fobs are considered one of the most complicated samples for replacement.

Nevertheless, our locksmiths can make any type of keys and fobs for your KIA vehicles. It does not depend on the model and other parameters of your auto. Ask us about a duplicate or even about several spare keys for your car. You will be pleased with our work together with other services in the context of KIA key replacement.

KIA Key Fob Replacement & Other KIA Car Key Replacement Services

This is one of the most popular options in our company. Our clients can count on KIA key replacement services of any kind. For example, you can replace your door key or a modern remote fob without asking your dealership for assistance. Take a closer look at possible KIA key replacement services our local locksmiths will provide willing Londoners with:

  • KIA Ceed key fob replacement;
  • KIA Picanto key replacement (transponder, glove box, and trunk keys);
  • KIA Sportage key replacement (all types of keys and fobs);
  • KIA Rio key replacement services;
  • KIA key fob replacement for other models.


It is worth mentioning that the replacement of transponder keys and fobs requires programming and synchronization routine tasks. That is why this process can take more time. At the same time, cutting simple metal keys for doors, trunks, and glove boxes will be ready faster.

Speaking about transponder keys and fobs, they are replaced through a comprehensive algorithm. Such options as KIA Sportage key fob replacement or KIA Ceed key fob replacement require diagnostics, cutting metal keys and containers for chips, and then programming microchips to synchronize them with the vehicle.

Order such a service for your automobile. Our KIA car key replacement is a guaranteed alternative to the dealershipโ€™s ones. Remember that we offer a quite faster performance of all the tasks and no bureaucracy when it comes to some official responses and replacing your original keys with a new set.

Your lost, broken, or stolen key or fob can be replaced by our locksmiths within one calendar day instead of the 10-14 days promised by the official dealerships. That is why it is reasonable to ask our specialists for qualitative assistance in any questions related to KIA car key replacement. 

KIA Key Replacement: Programming & Synchronization

We have mentioned before the necessity of programming and synchronization when it comes to transponder keys and fobs. The microchip should be programmed carefully at the end of the KIA key fob replacement. That is why it is impossible to order a new remote fob or hand-free transponder smart key on the Internet.

A new set that you are going to use after KIA key replacement services should be synchronized with your automobile. Ask our locksmiths to do everything properly for you including such popular options as KIA Ceed key fob programming, KIA Picanto key replacement, etc. 

Our specialists start their work with comprehensive diagnostics. Then, they decide on solutions for your case. Sometimes, the issue covers only some problems with synchronization. That is why only resets and other manipulations with electronics are required. Contact our dedicated team to get the A-to-Z KIA car key replacement service concerning your individual situation.

KIA Key Fob Replacement: Why Particularly Us?

Our team of local locksmiths is ready to provide a wide range of KIA car key replacement services. The significant feature that characterizes our company the best is the quality-price ratio. You can be sure that you will get guaranteed KIA key replacement services at competitive costs. Additionally, everything will be accompanied by excellent time limits and our individual approach to your cases.

Thus, you can opt for fast high-level KIA key fob replacement locally by experienced experts in London. You can ask our locksmiths about various options including programming, synchronization, and other tasks like making simple metal keys for car doors, trunks, or glove box compartments.

Letโ€™s sum up all our benefits in the context of KIA key fob replacement services available for clients from London:

  • Almost unlimited range of available options (for any KIA models, any key type, fast terms, and supplementary services like programming, synchronization, and cutting simple keys);
  • 100% meeting deadlines (we work fast and are ready to come to the site 24/7);
  • Guarantees for valuable customers (a 90-day guarantee for clients of our company);
  • Immediate arrival after the call (we will come to the specified location within 15-20 minutes);
  • Competent local experts (our locksmiths provide only high-grade KIA key fob replacement services in London);
  • A comprehensive approach to each order (we provide only an individual approach to any case with in-depth diagnostics and unique solutions for each of our clients).


Contact us at 020 3868 6867 to specify all the details. We guarantee KIA Picanto key replacement, KIA Ceed key replacement, and any other services you need timely and risk-free. Avoid carjacking with our safe and fast options provided locally in London.

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