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Toyota Key Replacement

Call us at 020 3868 6867 if you need to replace your key fob immediately! We know everything about Toyota car key replacement.

Our locksmiths will arrive at required locations and provide exceptional services timely and at an affordable price. Give only 15-20 minutes for our specialists to come. We are your local assistants in London when it comes to qualitative and fast Toyota key replacement.

Our experts make a specialty out of all the car models of this popular automotive brand. We serve both old and new Toyota automobiles with or without immobilizer boxes and microchips. You can be sure that Hilux, Yaris, or Prius key fob replacement will be handled at the highest level and at the most reasonable price.

Save our contacts or call 020 3868 6867 if you have one of the following situations:

  • You have broken your Toyota keys;
  • Something goes wrong with your keys or key fob when you open and close the car door;
  • You have lost your Toyota keys or key fob;
  • You need key programming, fob reprogramming, or synchronization services;
  • Your family members are interested in driving your Toyota auto. So, you need a duplicate of your existing keys or key fob.


Note that our locksmiths are ready to provide time-urgent Toyota key fob replacement services. If you have an emergency case, feel free to dial our specialists. Sometimes you can lose access to your automobile suddenly. For example, the Toyota key is damaged right next to the petrol station on the highway. Call us and we will come in 15 minutes!

Attention! A 90-day warranty is provided for all the key fob replacement services you get in our company! You can ask our skillful experts to undertake Toyota key replacement by VIN or immediate key programming if something wrong is with your microchip.

Contact us and ask all the questions as soon as possible. No hassles, no stress – just competent specialists who are ready to help you 24/7. Even if you have a sudden issue at night, we are here to restore access to your Toyota auto!

High-Quality Toyota Key Replacement in London

There are many services that come in handy if you are an owner of a Toyota automobile. For example, the driver can lose access to the car in case of a broken, lost, or stolen key fob. Our locksmiths are ready to help you with this issue ASAP locally. Just call us and specify the address your auto is located.

Additionally, we provide other services for our valued customers like Toyota key replacement by VIN or key programming at the client’s request. You can opt for our competent and comprehensive approach when it comes to any form of new keys or key fob fabrication. For example, earlier Toyota car models do not obtain any immobilizer box. So, owners of the 1995-dated autos of this brand and older ones can order non-transition key fabrication to replace the damaged or lost previous one.

This way automobiles without an immobilizer box are required to have Toyota ignition key replacement services. The simple set is cut for the driver and a duplicate is provided at request. If we speak about all the post-1995 Toyota models, these cars are equipped with an immobilizer system. It means that all the newer automobiles use the transponder key to shut off and on the engine.

These and other peculiarities are taken into account by our qualified specialists. Our professional locksmiths are ready to assist you with key fob replacement almost for any Toyota model. Additionally, the no-transponder set is possible to fabricate. Ask our experts about Toyota Prius key replacement and other available services. Check the compatibility of all our locksmiths’ options in London right now.

Toyota Key Fob Replacement Compatibility

It is worth noting that almost all the Toyota series are served by our dedicated team of local locksmiths. You can order professional key programming and replacement services in London for the following models:

  • Toyota Avalon (one of the most popular cars among British drivers);
  • Toyota Camry (the middle-class family automobile that is extremely comfortable);
  • Toyota Corolla (Toyota Corolla key fob replacement services for old and new releases of this model);
  • Toyota Yaris (key replacement services are often asked together with reprogramming and resynchronization);
  • Toyota Tacoma (the option of remote control is available for this Toyota key fob);
  • Toyota Tundra (a too long key of this Toyota model often breaks and requires qualitative replacement services);
  • Toyota 4Runner (also has a key fob with a rather long blade side that is often damaged in case of long-term exploitation of a single key set).


Do not forget about other spacy and convenient autos like Toyota Highlander and Toyota Land Cruiser. Besides a very popular Toyota Hilux key replacement service many drivers ask our locksmiths, there are other ones to take into account. 

For example, many Toyota car owners order duplicates to have spare key sets for all the family members or chauffeurs, guardians, etc. Opt for our Toyota RAV4 key fob replacement as well. Do not forget about alternative ways to fix issues with your keys and restore access to the automobile.

There is an option of Toyota smart key programming and synchronization of the microchip with the ignition system through the unique VIN code of the auto. It is worth mentioning Toyota Prius key fob replacement services available for drivers of any release of this on-trend model in Great Britain.

Read more about all available locksmiths’ options locally to understand the almost unlimited sphere of our competence. We make spare key sets, synchronize and program existing key fobs and remote-head keys of your Toyota cars, cut simple ignition keys, and many more for your safety and comfort!

Our Toyota Key Replacement Services to Take into Account

As can be seen, there are many types of Toyota keys to take into consideration. Nevertheless, the main ones are transponder and non-transponder. The more modern Toyota car models obtain key fobs with a special microchip that can be programmed or reprogrammed if some issues take place. That is why we do not limit all our clients to key replacement services only.

Everyone can ask our locksmiths about duplicates of their existing key sets and key programming to fix some synchronization problems. Read more about all our available services for Toyota automobiles.

Toyota Spare Keys & Duplicates

There are many situations when the single Toyota key set is not enough for the big family and even for a loving couple with different rhythms, schedules, and lifestyles. Simplify your life with a duplicate of the existing key fob or ignition keys.

Lost, Broken, or Stolen Toyota Key Replacement

If you cannot access your Toyota car, it is more likely that your ignition key or a fob is stolen, lost, or broken. Make a new key set for your automobile. Call our locksmiths and they lock your ignition system to prevent carjacking. When the new key is ready, it will be the single way to open your auto.

Make a duplicate at once to have alternatives for locking and unlocking your Toyota car. Additionally, our experts can synchronize a new fob with the remote control options with your ignition system almost immediately.


Toyota Key Programming

For the key programming and reprogramming services, the transponder chip is used. The control unit is used for these manipulations. Programming a new fob is a must if you have a spare one. Reprogramming options will come in handy if your Toyota engine does not start and you need to replace the existing key with the new one.

Toyota Key Replacement Services: Why Particularly Us?

There is no need to contact your dealership and waste your time anymore. The alternative and time & cost-saving variant are to order our locksmiths’ services. You can count on timely assistance in any key replacement issues, starting with the simple duplicate and finishing with the programming options that can take more time.

All the owners of Toyota cars should remember or save our contacts. We can become your life-saver 24/7. Our experts will replace a key, reprogram your fob, cut a classic ignition key, or synchronize remote-head ones with your auto. Get a 90-day guarantee and opt only for reasonable prices for the brilliant quality!

Other Helpful Tips for Owners of Toyota Cars

Sometimes issues with the ignition key or a fob can take place. But not all situations require radical solutions like the locksmiths’ arrival or contacting your dealership. For example, you can use these several simple tips to check if you have an easy-peasy case or some serious ones:

The Toyota ignition key seems damaged, one that cannot shut on or off the engine in case the steering wheel is blocked. Try to shake it from the left to the right. Try to turn the key in the ignition system one more time.

Your Toyota key fob is likely to seem broken if you have an old battery inside. Just try to change it with the new one. The battery replacement in the Toyota key fob is far from a complicated task. Use a pry tool to open the case, and remove the old battery when the circuit board is out. Then, place a new Toyota battery inside the case and check your key fob one more time. 

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